Class 5 driving course

Your Class 5 driver's license is one year away!


If you are at least 16 years or older, you can now register to get your driver’s license.

NASR driving school offers driving courses that will give you the best chance to succeed.  You will learn the rules of the road, the right techniques and the right behavior to adopt behind the wheel.  

On January 17, 2010, attending a driving school in order to obtain a class 5 license became mandatory.  

The road safety education program is divided into four phases and consists of a total of 24 hours of theory and 15 in-car sessions. Each theory session is two hours long and each driving session is 55 minutes long. The main goal behind this program is to alternate between theory and practice, create independent drivers, educate about eco-driving, teach the OEA strategy and provide information regarding at risk behaviors.  

Before getting a Quebec driver’s licence you must complete required theoretical and practical courses as well as a series of mandatory steps.

Here is a breakdown of all you need to know in order to obtain a class 5 driver’s licence!


– Register at NASR driving school for the Road Safety Education Program (RSEP).

– Take the compulsory theoretical courses of Phase 1 as well as the first evaluation. In this phase we elaborate on the vehicle, driver, and the environment as well as at risk behaviors. – This phase is a prerequisite for a learners driving license. The minimum completion time is 28 days.

-Upon passing your evaluation, you will be granted a certificate which confirms meeting the requirements of the SAAQ to obtain a learners driving license.

– Visit any of the SAAQ branches to take a vision test. You will also need to provide the following documents:

* Your birth certificate issued by the Quebec register of civil status or your passport.

* Your health insurance card.

* Written parental authorization (for children under 18).

* Your certificate from NASR driving school.

* The applicable fee for the learner’s licence.

You now hold a learner’s licence and ready to move into the next phase!


Phase 2 consists of an alternation between 2 theory classes and 4 in-car sessions. In this phase you will learn about accompanied driving and the OEA strategy.  With your learner’s license, you can now drive, but only accompanied by someone who has held a valid driver’s license for at least two years or one of our certified instructors. This phase cannot be completed less than 28 days.

-Upon finishing this guided driving phase, you will move to Phase 3, a semi-guided driving. This phase consists of 3 theory classes and 6 in-car sessions. Speed, sharing the road, alcohol & drugs are all topics covered in this phase. It requires a minimum of 56 days to complete phase 3.  

Lastly, phase 4 focuses on semi-guided to independent driving. This phase includes 2 theory classes which are fatigue & distraction as well as eco-driving. Additionally, it contains 4 in-car sessions and an on road evaluation. 56 days are also required to complete this phase.  

Please note that you need to have a few weeks off between Phase 2, 3&4.This will allow you to train with your accompanying driver.  

In-Car session 13 must be combined with one of the following; 11, 12 or 14. During this session, you will alternate with another student.  Each learner takes turns to be an observer and a driver.

After successfully passing the in-car session 15 (synthesis), you will be granted a final attestation. This in-car session is a formative evaluation and a summary of instructions prior to the road test.  

It is important to note that you will have to undergo the required theory evaluation at the SAAQ, which is 10 months after having held a valid learners permit.  

Passing the knowledge test will enable you to attend your driving exam two months later.

Remember, you must:

* Hold a learner’s permit for at least 12 months.

* Present a signed parental authorisation form (if under 18).

* Present your final attestation.

* Rent a vehicle from NASR  

* Pay the applicable fee for the probationary licence.

– Once you have passed your road test, you will receive your probationary license. With this license you will be able to drive by yourself!

Your probationary license allows you to accumulate up to 4 demerit points.


24 months after obtaining your probationary license, you will finally be able to obtain your regular driver’s license!

With this permit, you can accumulate up to 4, 8, 12 or 15 demerit points depending on your age.


NASR Driving School is taking part in the E-Roule pilot project; therefore, all in-car sessions are held on fully electric vehicles!
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