Highway code

Highway Safety Code

The Highway Safety Code is a provincial law. This Code dictates about the use of vehicles, pedestrian traffic and road safety in Quebec.

Among other things, it establishes:  

– Rules to highway safety

– The registration of road vehicles

– Licences and permits which are under the administration of the Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec

– Control of highway transportation of individuals and goods.

Before getting behind the wheel and circulating on Quebec’s roads, it is important to familiarize and understand the specifics of the Highway Safety Code.

At NASR driving school, we offer you comprehensive theoretical lessons to help you understand the Highway Safety Code.

Our advanced theory classes will educate you about:  

  • Traffic laws & traffic lights
  • Alcohol & drugs behind the wheel
  • School zones & construction sites
  • Roundabouts
  • Contraventions
  • Etc.

Our driving lessons will help you prepare for your exam while teaching you the basics of driving.

By the end of this training, you will master the fundamental rules of road safety.

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