Why Choose NASR?

Why choose NASR?

Take advantage of our quality services at affordable prices. Here are some advantages of choosing NASR driving school:

Our team offers the greatest learning approach to help you prepare for the SAAQ exams!   

A personalized educational approach.

In addition to our regular program, we offer VIP packages as well as three different languages that accommodate your personal needs. Our instructors provide their expert knowledge by applying the best possible teaching methods. We strive for our students to become a safe, cooperative and responsible driver by the end of their journey.

NASR’s ultimate goal is your success! All of our instructors work hard to provide quality training that includes visual examples during each training session such as: parallel parking, highway entrances and exits, lane change, etc.

Programs adapted to all levels   

You can register online, through a simple and intuitive registration process. It can be done on a computer, tablet or cell phone!

We give the option of paying for the course in 12 installments. Payment terms may vary depending on your contract.

NASR driving school is well aware that new learners need guidance to better assimilate the information given during their theoretical classes. Therefore, we have created a special toolkit with valuable tips and information to help learners.

Professional supervision by qualified, responsive and passionate instructors!  

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